Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fishing with the Gullwing #2

Fishing with the Gullwing #2
Like I mentioned in my last post, my current paddle is an AT and I’ve used it for a few years now. My stroke probably isn’t the most efficient one out there, but it gets me where I’m going. When I paddle, I try to bury my blade in the water with each stroke, but this requires me to lift my other hand pretty high in the air and I tend to get wet. The Gullwing blades are easier to bury without raising your other hand way over your head. This, I think,  is because of its gullwing shape and the angle of the blade.  This paddle seems very efficient and it keeps me a little drier than my other paddles. It sort of glides you along; it's really stealthy.  Paddling usually causes me pain. I have tendinitis in both elbows and I separated my shoulder a few years ago in a mountain bike accident… and I’m getting older too.  My “bows” and shoulder tend to throb after a couple of hours in the yak, but I’m used to it. I keep a good supply of ibuprofen in my tackle box because I refuse to not fish. To give up kayak fishing is unthinkable. I didn’t experience any elbow or shoulder pain after my time on the water today, so the ibuprofen never left my tackle box. After about 3 hours on the water, I returned to the ramp to load my gear and head for home. This was what I call maintenance fishing and it’s more for the soul than anything else.  I did manage to put one decent largemouth bass in the yak. He was released unharmed. Nice to get a little pullage after a long, cold winter.  I look forward to my next trip with this paddle. If all goes well, maybe I can leave the ibuprofen at home.

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