Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The day started off windy and the forecast called for it to continue all day. The wind was out of the SW around 15 to 20 knots, but around 11am there was a little lull as the winds calmed, so we fished for a little while. The moon was full and the tide seemed to be running higher than was the norm. This was the first time I’d fished with my father-in-law, Jeep,  since last summer. He's a true 'ol salt who'd rather fish than eat.  Between the two of us we usually manage a few keepers. Today, however, fishing was tough. We headed out at the top of high tide (11AM) and worked down to the mouth of Occohannock Creek. The current was strong as we worked our way out to buoy 13. I had a bucket full of bullheads I'd trapped the night before. I planned on using them with squid strips on a fish finder rig. Jeep was using a high-low rig with bullheads on one rod, and tossing a 4” gulp with the other. After his first or second drift, he hooked and landed a nice 18.5 inch flattie on the gulp. I missed two and ended up with skunk all over my yak. I think Jeep missed one on his high/low rig as we worked our way back up the creek hoping to escape the wind and find the bite again. Unfortunately, we never found it. By 1:30  the wind had returned with new determination, so we paddled back to the dock. Nice to see the flounder this far up in the bay. Looking forward to catching a few.

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